the PIM solution for all teams and channels

Exceed expectations at every product touchpoint with the inriver PIM solution and deliver complete, compelling, and compliant product information to where it matters most.

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the PIM solution that goes beyond e-commerce

Recognized by market analysts as a leading PIM solution, the inriver platform empowers you to meet data demands and unlock the full value of your product information for every audience on every channel.

Complete product data governance

Manage ongoing data complexity for all new products and SKUs with a single source of product data truth for every internal and external end user.

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Omnichannel selling made simple

Meet your customers wherever they buy with a consistent, compelling product story that turns every touchpoint into a profit-maker.

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Elevated customer experiences

Offer a personalized buyer journey before, during, and after the sale to unlock even more value from your customer relationships.

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Sustainability + Compliance

Prepare for circularity with end-to-end data transparency that ensures your products meet regulations in every market, such as the Digital Product Passport. 

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the complete PIM solution for every industry

It doesn’t matter what you sell, the inriver PIM can elevate your product information management and bring new value for every channel, market, and audience. Here are just a few of the industries where inriver makes a difference:

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Take your digitalization to the next level with the PIM solution that transforms your information management, readies you for regulatory changes, and meets the growing expectations of your buyers.

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Consumer Electronics

Showcase complex and configurable tech specs for electronics and appliances with the PIM solution that offers a fully extensible data model that supports every attribute of every SKU on every channel.

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Bring the full showroom feel to your digital shelf with the PIM solution that creates tailored product experiences on every channel, supporting product configurability fueled by upstream connectivity.  

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Ensure your sales strategy is always in style with the PIM solution that makes it easier than ever to respond to the latest trends in buyer behavior, product performance, and sustainability expectations from your customers.

join over 1,600 brands powering their product journeys with inriver:

Across industries and markets, the inriver PIM provides the data-driven solution for a global network of leading brands, manufacturers, and retailers.

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the complete PIM solution for every team

Think PIM is just a marketing tool? Think again. The inriver PIM solution can help every internal team streamline their workflows, elevate their external outputs, and transform their product information management.

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Accelerate your time-to-market with the PIM solution that takes the stress out of creating, distributing, and optimizing compelling product stories.

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Exceed omnichannel expectations with the PIM solution that makes scaling into new channels, markets, and geographies as simple as clicking a button.

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Extend the possibilities of your stack with the composable, cloud-native PIM solution that integrates with even the most complex tech ecosystem.

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Stay on the right side of ever-changing regulations with total transparency for all your product information, from sourcing to selling and beyond.

want to see the inriver PIM in action?

Schedule a personalized, guided demo with an inriver expert today to see how the inriver PIM can get more value from your product information.

frequently asked questions

what is a PIM solution?

PIM (standing for product information management) is a centerstage enterprise software solution that provides a single source of truth for all product data. A PIM solution collects data from across the product journey, letting users store, manage, optimize, and distribute the data to relevant endpoints. This can include e-commerce channels, retail outlets, legislative requirements, and more. 

what information does a PIM solution manage?

A PIM solution manages all the product-related information collected throughout a product’s journey, from the sourcing of raw materials to marketing and selling, and ultimately recycling. This information can include materials, technical specifications, product visuals and drawings, localized product descriptions, size guides, compliance requirements, and much more.

how does a PIM solution work?

A PIM solution works by onboarding data from internal and external sources into a single, centralized source of truth for all product-related information. Once stored in the PIM solution, this information can then be enriched, optimized, and distributed across all internal and external channels, including e-commerce channels, retail outlets, showrooms, and product catalogs.

does a PIM solution integrate and organize data?

Yes, a PIM solution integrates with various internal and external data systems, letting users collate and organize a variety of product-related data. This data can then be enriched and distributed across internal and external channels to meet demands for product information, including regulatory requirements for sustainability data.

why is having a PIM solution essential?

A PIM solution is essential for any brand, manufacturer, retailer, or distributor. This is because PIM is a centerstage application that allows companies to meet the growing expectations for product information from consumers, regulators, and internal teams. This is particularly true for brands pursuing omnichannel strategies, meeting sustainability regulations, and elevating their customer experience.

why do you need a PIM solution?

Whether you’re a B2B manufacturer or B2C brand, if you’re selling products you need a PIM solution to ensure you can meet the growing expectations for product information across all channels and audiences. A PIM solution can revolutionize your product information management and help maximize the value of your product data at every touchpoint.

what are the benefits of a PIM solution?

There are many benefits of PIM. Internally, the single source of truth provided by PIM can streamline workflows and remove data siloes. Externally, PIM can elevate even the most complex omnichannel strategy, ensure sustainability requirements are met in every channel, market, and geography, and take the experience of your customers to the next level.