inriver culture

Inriver is more than just another tech company building the best PIM solution. It’s a team built on core values and driven by goals.


what makes us unique?

Here at inriver, we believe in inspiring and contributing to both customer and employee success across the globe. As a team, we work together to make an impact and help our community thrive and grow – celebrating and sharing their wins.

The inriver culture is about being a purposeful, active member of a team, and giving back to the greater community. We call this “asONE” and it is key to what we do and how we act across the organization. The idea is simple, but the message is strong. We move asONE in everything we do. We have five core values centered around the underlying principle that “No one of us alone is as smart as all of us together.”

This mantra means collaborating, listening to ideas, and appreciating perspectives and experiences. It creates an incredibly strong team spirit throughout the organization.

The inriver values are:

  • Be trustworthy
  • Act responsibly
  • Take action
  • Have fun while winning
  • Simplify

These values guide our everyday actions as we work across time zones and languages. They help us work and make a difference globally asONE.

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“What do you love about working at inriver?”

Johanna highlights the people and culture as she shares her favorite things about working at inriver.

“What is a day in the life of an inriverian like?”

Linda gives a sneak peek into the life of a Sales Engineer and her job of showing the value of inriver.

giving back

The Hunger Project

At inriver, we believe in giving back to our local community and our world. We collaborate with The Hunger Project because our support makes an impact. It means that 700 people can participate in a self-sufficiency program.

The Hunger Project provides:

  • Support for epicenters in East Africa
  • Goal for epicenters is to be self-sufficient
  • Micro-loans & entrepreneurship
  • Empowerment of women

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