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inriver is a product information management company

We help power revenue-driving experiences in digital commerce. Our solutions make our customers the best in the world at marketing and selling their products.

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At inriver, we believe there’s a better way to drive e-commerce. We know consumer trust is earned when organizations create better online experiences to tell their stories. We’re passionate about helping our customers deliver those experiences.

Our mission is to make our customers the best in the world at marketing and selling their products. Product information has become your digital front door to engage buyers. We help you open that door by delivering accurate, relevant product information across every channel and touchpoint— quickly and easily. Let us help deliver better e-commerce experiences with our software, solutions, and community.

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We’re a team of 300+ people and growing every day. Inriver is headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, with presence in the Netherlands, UK, Germany, and the United States. Our teams live and work across the globe. We constantly innovate our solutions to help our customers thrive and grow their businesses. We believe in working collaboratively to solve problems #asONE and celebrate success with our partners, customers, and teams.

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The inriver team is growing fast. We want innovative teams to keep our organization vibrant to meet the demands of a fast-moving industry. See what roles are open.

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The team at inriver is an eclectic group of leaders with the experience to foster and drive success. They are marketers, developers, sales, services, human relations, and engineering experts who are passionate about people, products, and creating the best team and solutions in digital commerce.

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“Where do you find inspiration?”

Nicky reveals where she finds inspiration and what the inriver #asONE value means to her.

“What do you love about working at inriver?”

“Tjena” from Arman as he talks about diversity and why you should come work at inriver.

“What do you love about working at inriver?”

Erika discusses embracing change and thriving in the fast-paced environment at inriver.

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