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As the most comprehensive solution on the market, the inriver PIM offers simple, centralized, and standardized management of product data right across your value chain.

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driving revenue starts with data

The inriver PIM offers the comprehensive management of all product-related data, providing brands, manufacturers, and retailers with the product information they need to turn every touchpoint into a profit-maker. Here’s how it works:


integrate internal and external inputs quickly

Product data lives in many different silos across your organization. Data can also come from your suppliers. It’s a real headache to manage. Inriver simplifies the process to onboard data from any source and establish a single source of truth for your product content.

the onboarding process


build stellar product stories easily

Great product experiences must be tailored to your buyer. Enrich product content with text, images, videos, and more to drive conversions and offer a complete product story. Inriver enables you to bring your products to life by creating content that’s relevant, contextual, and optimized.

the creation process


share content across digital and print channels

Working in an omnichannel world can make sharing your product stories more challenging. Even more so, when you have a complex “go to market” strategy in place. Inriver streamlines the delivery process, making it quicker for you to reach your buyers across all your channels.

the distribution process


identify and solve sales threats fast

Omnichannel e-commerce requires you to be on a growing number of different retail platforms, but a one-way push of PIM data is not enough to ensure success. With inriver, you have the data-driven feedback on product performance and the tools that allow you to react quickly and at scale.

the evaluation process

build a powerful ecosystem with leading technologies

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inriver Product Marketing Cloud (iPMC) is now referred to as inriver PIM.