the inriver story

Where does an idea for a company actually start? All it takes is a spark of innovation.

inriver’s history

Inriver was founded in 2007. It started as an idea to solve a challenge identified during the telco growth in the Nordics in the late 1990s. As the industry expanded rapidly across markets and by products, it became clear creating and maintaining product information manually wasn’t going to scale. Companies needed a solution to improve the creation and distribution processes for their telco product information.

This idea became the product information management (PIM) solution that we now know as inriver. The core concepts of solving challenges around scalability and streamlined processes are the same today as when the company began— the channels are just a bit larger!

inriver timeline

inriver’s present and future

Inriver’s product information management (PIM) solution is the foundation for digital commerce success. Today, brands use inriver to create revenue-driving product stories across all touchpoints. In a digital world, product information is an organization’s digital front door. We help our customers open that door and turn product information into strategic assets across channels and marketplaces.

It’s not easy to manage the ever-changing commerce requirements and deliver essential product information including images, videos, SKUs, product descriptions, reviews, translations, and more. You can’t optimize the digital shelf without automation or insights. This is where inriver shines.

Our solution empowers organizations to manage, enrich, syndicate, and optimize all product data from a single platform. Inriver is a powerful SaaS solution that provides customers with scalable, secure technology that offers a predictable cost of ownership and access from anywhere in the world. If we’ve learned one thing in the last year, it’s that agility and speed matter when meeting customer needs. We’ll continue to innovate our solution to anticipate and meet customer needs in the future. 

The world is moving fast and we’re right here with you.

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