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foundational technology for omnichannel success

Built for end users and secure enough for IT teams, inriver is at the heart of creating great e-commerce experiences today and in the future. Empower your buyers anyplace, anytime!

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inriver PIM solution

inriver has everything you need in one fully integrated, multi-tenant SaaS PIM solution

Thriving in today’s digital world means delivering stellar customer experiences across every catalog, marketplace, and touchpoint. It doesn’t matter if you’re B2B, B2C, or both – all buyers want a personalized experience. Product information management (PIM) powers those experiences.

Easy to use, intuitive, and secure – inriver helps you increase sales, streamline product data syndication, and scale. No downtime, no software updates, just better customer experiences, and more revenue.

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One platform with four focus areas for all your PIM and digital ecosystem needs.

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Find out how easy it is to meet changing needs with the ecosystem and additional technologies.

training and support

Real-time support, practical training, educational materials, certification programs, and community of 8,000+ are all yours.

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nothing is more important than your product information hitting the mark

Choose a PIM solution that helps you deliver omnichannel, revenue-driving product information.

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the industry’s only elastic data model

  • Adapt to ever-changing business and customer behavior quickly with our flexible entity structure
  • Scale attributions to enter new markets and channels with ease
  • Maximize upsell and cross sell opportunities with our adaptable product hierarchy and relationship model

business-powered digital speed that drives results

  • Automate friction-free processes for a faster time to value
  • Operationalize product information with agile workflows and role-based data governance
  • Orchestrate product information seamlessly across all your touchpoints to increase sellable days

data-driven engagement intelligence

  • Take control of your digital shelf by eliminating the guesswork. See what’s working and what’s not.
  • Jump-start new product launches with prescriptive analytics based on customer behavior.
  • Make informed business decisions with closed loop feedback to increase conversions.

one platform for all your PIM and digital ecosystem needs

What do you need to survive and thrive today in commerce? Everything.

It starts with having a scalable, SaaS-based solution. You’ll need to pivot and adjust based on changing buyer needs, environmental factors, supply chain disruptions, and anything in between.

focus on growing your business, without IT constraints

  • Deploy inriver anywhere with our cloud-based solution that runs on Microsoft Azure
  • Relax, knowing the inriver extensible, scalable architecture easily adapts to your needs to meet peak demands
  • Use industry-standard security management tools and procedures for enterprise-grade security and governance

advantages of being part of the Microsoft Azure ecosystem

  • Industry leader, highly recognized, clear security and privacy requirements
  • Offers an extensive set of international and industry specific compliance standards
  • Build connectors to take advantage of other Azure services within your existing network, using Microsoft’s expansive development tool kit, advanced workloads, and core infrastructure

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