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Manufacturers today grapple with an array of challenges. Whether they produce farm equipment, furniture, or pharmaceuticals, manufacturers face ever-expanding product catalogs, stringent regulatory requirements, and a digitally-native consumer base who want a complete and compelling product experience on every channel.

As manufacturers navigate an increasingly omnichannel world, effective product data management is business-critical. Not only to ensure comprehensive onboarding of supplier data from multiple systems and departments, but to also enrich and distribute this information to relevant audiences, whether end consumers, third-party resellers, or regulators. 

Product Information Management (PIM) systems address these pressing needs head-on. By establishing a centralized hub of product information, For manufacturers, PIM streamlines composable commerce operations, cuts time to market, and establishes a single, scalable source of data across your organization. 

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What is a PIM solution? 

A PIM solution is a centralized hub for all product data for both internal and external channels. An advanced PIM system ensures accurate, up-to-date, and consistent data flows throughout your entire circular product journey. It does this by onboarding raw data from suppliers and third-party partners, enriching this data into complete, compelling, and compliant product information, and then distributing this information to all owned and third-party endpoints.  

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Benefits of PIM for manufacturers 

For manufacturers facing intensifying global competition and consumer demands, implementing a PIM solution can transform your operational efficiency, empower smarter (and quicker) internal decision-making, and ultimately engage more buyers across more markets with product information that moves to the dial on purchase decisions. 

The benefits of a PIM for manufacturers include: 

With these advantages, manufacturers can better navigate the challenges of a dynamic global marketplace, meet evolving customer demands, and maintain a competitive edge in their industry. 

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How PIM helps manufacturers succeed in e-commerce 

The recent consumerization of B2B buying has transformed the manufacturing industry. As manufacturers who had typically not bothered with e-commerce activities look to elevate their online channels, the need for a more organized approach to product information management has become apparent. 

PIM allows manufacturers to thrive in e-commerce in several ways. First, PIM ensures that product information is rich, accurate, engaging, and relevant for the particular audience. Secondly, PIM with integrated syndication technology ensures accurate product information that’s distributed accurately and instantaneously across all owned and third-party digital channels.  

By automating content updates and ensuring data accuracy, PIM systems help manufacturers bolster their digital presence, enhance customer engagement, and ultimately drive more sales. 

Important PIM features for manufacturing 

Off-the-shelf PIM systems are not designed with the unique needs of manufacturing in mind. Only an advanced PIM solution has the key features that help manufacturers take their sales and marketing operations to the next level: 

By prioritizing these high-impact features, manufacturers can find the right PIM solution that unlocks a new level of efficiency and productivity in their organization.  

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Circular product journeys in manufacturing 

In a clear departure from the “make-use-dispose” model of the past decades and even centuries, manufacturers today are growing aware of the need to build circularity into their products. This is driven by evolving consumer expectations surrounding sustainability, regulatory demands for transparency, and manufacturers themselves seeking greener products and processes. 

Manufacturers prioritizing the transition towards a circular business model are already seeing a competitive advantage. By moving to circular product journeys, manufacturers can meet the needs of today and tomorrow and help build a greener future. An advanced PIM system supports this transition by enabling manufacturers to effectively manage product info at every stage of the circular product journey: 

  1. Source + Design 
  2. Make 
  3. Take to Market  
  4. Sell  
  5. Use + Reuse  
  6. Repair + Retire + Recycle 

For more information on the circular product journey, and how PIM implementation powers the transition towards circularity for manufacturers across all sectors and industries, read the complete inriver guide

Integration with manufacturing systems 

With critical product data fragmented across 6 different systems in the average organization, a PIM solution represents a huge opportunity for data streamlining. Not only can a PIM consolidate your tech stack, but it can also integrate seamlessly within it, giving you the minimum number of tools and maximum clarity.  

By integrating PIM into your tech stack, manufacturers can:  

With an integrated stack centered around PIM, manufacturers gain an adaptable foundation for streamlined processes, enhanced visibility, and future flexibility. 

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Why is PIM important for manufacturers? 

By centralizing and automating the management of intricate product data, PIM enhances productivity and liberates teams to refocus on growth and innovation. When you can enter marketplaces faster, with better product info, you can connect with more of your ideal customers and grow your organization without burning out your employees.  

The volume and complexity of product data in manufacturing is a reality of the business. PIM transforms that data from an obstacle to an advantage.  

inriver: the PIM for manufacturing excellence 

With complex product catalogs, increasingly omnichannel sales strategies, and discerning buyers and regulators, the challenges facing manufacturers are clear. That’s why so many global manufacturing leaders are turning to Product Information Management software from inriver to help them use product data to meet the needs of today and exceed the expectations of tomorrow.  

The multi-tenant inriver PIM solution offers the complete product software for manufacturers, transforming raw value chain data into rich, meaningful, and engaging product information for the right audience, on the right channel, at the right time. With API-based syndication and digital shelf analytics integrated into the inriver platform, manufacturers can build a brighter future for their customers, their products, and their profit margins.

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