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Be ready for tomorrow’s circularity demands today with the PIM solution that gives you complete data transparency at every stage of your product journey, from sourcing to selling and beyond.

the PIM solution that supports a better future

As the world moves towards circularity, you need to be ready for growing expectations for your product information, from regulators, consumers, and internal stakeholders.

Inriver supports your sustainability needs throughout the entire product journey, from material sourcing and manufacturing to the digital shelf and end-of-life processes.

With the multi-tenant inriver PIM platform, you can be confident in your product’s sustainability credentials – and your company’s place in a circular future.

enhance your sustainability credentials with inriver

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Achieve data transparency from source to sale and beyond

Extend product data tracking upstream and downstream with a flexible data model that evolves alongside new suppliers, processes, and products.

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Comply with new and evolving regulations in every market

Avoid heavy fines and lost profits with data transparency that ensures products always have the right sustainability information when it matters most.

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Tell the right sustainability story on every channel

Give customers the sustainability information they expect with advanced content distribution that delivers eco-credentials to every online and offline channel.

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Reduce product returns with digital shelf intelligence

Cut the cost of product returns with digital shelf analytics that informs you when listings aren’t telling the product stories customers need to make informed decisions.

are you ready for digital product passports?

The European Union’s new legislative initiative will revolutionize how companies around the world think about product data, transparency, and their supply chains. Want to see how digital product passports will impact your business? Check out these:

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how the inriver PIM powers sustainability demands for every product

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Elastic data model

With inriver’s fully extensible data model, you have the future-fit source of truth that supports the growing amount of sustainability data your products need.

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Multi-media management

With inriver’s media management, you have centralized access to all the regulatory documentation you need to stay compliant in every channel and market.

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Digital Shelf Analytics

With inriver’s built-in DSA capabilities giving you complete oversight on your digital channels, your buyers get product content that informs better decisions.

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Advanced content distribution

With inriver’s API-based syndication, desktop publishing capabilities, and data-sharing platform, you can push sustainability data to the right endpoint in the right format. 

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