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inriver PIM: the journey to great content

The value of product content

Product content is the lifeblood of any retail ecosystem. When the content is great, the sales reflect it; but when it’s not, your customer will go to another source to find what they want.

There’s more than just a purchase that you’ve lost as a result. The reality is the consumer loses trust, simply because the product content did not meet their ever-growing expectations.

Ensuring the product information is accurate, up to date, and conforms to your system requirements has never been more critical. Get it right, and it’s a win-win for everyone.

As a result, you secure the volume of content needed to be that trusted go-to online destination. What’s more, time to value improves for all parties. And that’s why working with inriver brings many benefits to your world.

Who is inriver?

With 15+ years of innovative heritage, inriver is a trusted and well-established digital commerce player. Founded in 2007, inriver came to market with a world-class PIM and has continued to develop new innovative products that bring the consumer shopping experience to life.

From syndication to evaluation, inriver is at the forefront of powering commerce into the future. With offices globally, we are here to partner with the best in the business to continually take our platform to new heights and be your partner of choice.

Map of inriver customers and offices

Gone are the days of chasing many sources for the required information your site desperately needs. Inriver’s product information management (PIM) solution is a foundational technology for omnichannel success.

Why? We collect your suppliers’ required content from all their systems and centralize it into a single source of truth, enabling them to transform their data to match your requirements, more effectively. That means, with our technical integration, we can show your requirements in near-real-time, so a supplier’s content is delivered right the first time.

inriver’s reach

That is why our 650+ customers consisting of 1500+ brands across 20+ countries, is here to make your life easier. With brands from fashion, sports, manufacturing, food, retail, electronics, furnishing, and office supplies, the inriver customer base spans B2C and B2B, with over 5 million SKUs in our platform.

Inriver industry breakdown

The opportunity

For our brand customers:

  1. Increase sales with an industry leading elastic data model
  2. Close the revenue gap with business-powered digital speed
  3. Control of the digital shelf with engagement intelligence

For you:

  1. Category coverage in key verticals and geographies
  2. SKU count increase from category-leading brands
  3. Quality content that tells compelling product stories

Interested to start stocking your digital shelf today?