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PIMpoint is back! The world’s biggest PIM event returns in 2023 with two “can’t miss” editions.

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2022-09-28 – 2022-09-29 

Ecommerce expo

in-person event – London, United Kingdom

Come meet us at Ecommerce expo in London. An event with 10,000+ retailers and brands.

2022-10-13   16:00 CEST

AppExchange Live

in-person event – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Meet inriver at Salesforce AppExchange Live on Oct 13. Register now!

2022-10-20   16:30 CEST / 09:30am CDT

inriver demo webinar

webinar – online

Join this short, easy-to-follow webinar to learn how the inriver PIM solution helps eliminate duplication, increases efficiency and time-to-market and benefits the customer.

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the world’s first and largest PIM event

Learn from industry experts, inriver gurus, our partners but more importantly your peers on best practices in PIM. Be inspired. Network. Have fun along the way.

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