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Transform your product information into a profit-making asset at every touchpoint with the only PIM to power the entire product journey >

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inriver is the complete PIM software your business needs

Off-the-shelf software won’t cut it anymore. Commerce is evolving fast, and so are the demands on your product information. To meet these demands, you need a solution that’s built for tomorrow. You need inriver.

Inriver is more than product information management. We’re the engine for your commerce success, ready to maximize profitability across even the most complex value chain.

Our SaaS-native PIM is a composable, multi-tenant solution that transforms your product information into a strategic asset today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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inriver: the PIM for sustainable transparency

Commerce is going circular, and your product credentials must be ready for greater environmental scrutiny than ever.

To meet growing demands from consumers, legislators, and internal stakeholders, you need complete clarity on all your product data.

This includes information on what goes into your products during production, whether they meet local market requirements, and how they can be disposed of sustainably.

Only inriver delivers the sustainable transparency you need to power the product journey.

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inriver: the PIM for sustainable transparency
The PIM for omnichannel excellence

the PIM for omnichannel excellence

The world sells online these days, but multichannel selling means a lot more moving parts for your products and services.

To keep up with the fast-moving expectations of multichannel selling, you need to build a consistent path-to-purchase across all your channels.

This means optimizing, syndicating, and analyzing all your product listing information if you want to shine on the digital shelf.

Only inriver delivers the omnichannel excellence you need to power the product journey.

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inriver delivers a customer-first experience

It doesn’t matter whether they’re B2B buyers or B2C shoppers, your customers are looking for a personalized experience on every channel.

To meet growing expectations for a better customer experience, you need complete oversight of your customer-facing information before, during, and after the sale.

This means getting the right product information to the right audience at the right time if you want to maximize profitability at every touchpoint.

Only inriver delivers the customer-first experience you need to power the product journey.

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inriver delivers a customer-first experience
Choose inriver for smarter processes

choose inriver for smarter processes

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a regional player or a global brand, the latest tech can help you bridge the gap between budget and labor.

To boost productivity and drive internal efficiencies, you need the latest in automation intelligence across all your internal and external processes.

This means integrating the software solution that embeds this intelligence into your value chain to maximize profitability from every process.

Only inriver delivers the automation intelligence you need for a smart product journey.

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whatever your challenge, inriver has the solution

From sustainability to customer experience, demands on your product information are growing. Only with inriver’s complete solution can you meet these demands and transform every touchpoint into a profit maker.

over 1,600 brands power their product journeys with inriver:

Whether you’re selling watches, washing machines, or windmills, inriver is the engine for your commerce success. Meet some of the brands, manufacturers, and retailers in the inriver family:

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what our customers say about us

Best in-class SaaS solution for PIM.

Verified G2 review by cosmetics brand

Continually improving, forward-looking PIM.

Verified G2 review by building materials manufacturer
G2 badge. G2 named inriver as a Leader for Enterprise in Fall 2023

industry-leading partnerships

Inriver works with a trusted global network of expert partners to provide our customers with the best solutions possible to meet their business needs.

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inriver is the engine for your entire business ecosystem, with capabilities to match

manage product information

It doesn’t matter what you’re taking to market, you need a single source of truth for your product information.

The inriver PIM is that source, giving you the information you need to meet data demands and turn every touchpoint into a profit-maker.

syndicate product data

Getting your products out there isn’t enough. You need a consistent path-to-purchase on every single channel.

Inriver’s product data syndication (PDS) capabilities accelerate time-to-market while ensuring brand and product consistency.

analyze online performance

If you’re selling products online, you need to know how they perform on the digital shelf, and what to do if they don’t.

Inriver’s built-in digital shelf analytics (DSA) capabilities give you the insight your products need to shine on the digital shelf.

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what else is in the inriver engine?

Inriver is the complete product solution for your business. To help you meet the evolving demands of commerce, inriver has developed a suite of software designed for every stage of the product journey. Want to know more? Take a look under the hood.

inriver, the PIM that's built to scale

the PIM that’s built to scale

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting your digital transformation or you’re an e-commerce native, inriver has the solution that’s fit for growth from day one.

Our centerstage software is built for all business sizes, ready to take you to the next level – whatever that might be.

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