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Quickly and efficiently maximize the value of the inriver PIM solution with our exceptional onboarding program. Discover everything you need to get started: explore, learn, share, and grow your PIM understanding alongside a global network of PIM users.

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Elevate your expertise through self-paced courses, certification programs, and instructor-led trainings that seamlessly integrate into your workflow.

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Engage in our vibrant community with 5,000+ members from diverse industries and regions. Connect, share, and learn to unlock the world of inriver PIM expertise.

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inriver Academy

inriver Academy: unlock your potential and enhance your expertise in the world of PIM

Our innovative learning approach enables all inriver users to learn at their own pace, on their own terms. Our learner-centric offerings help you seamlessly integrate new knowledge into your daily work.

Learn at your own pace
  • Flexibility: tailor your learning experience to your needs and schedule.
  • Practical courses starting with you: kick-start your PIM journey with our FREE “Get Started” courses to acquire practical skills on how to succeed in PIM.
In-depth instructor-led training
  • Guided by experts: benefit from the knowledge and experience of our Business Solution experts.
  • Interactive learning: collaborate in sessions and workshops with fellow PIM users.
Level-up through certifications
  • Enhance your career: certification provides you with advanced skills for professional growth.
  • Elevate your expertise: get certified in PIM to make a significant impact in your organization.

inriver Community: connect, learn, collaborate

The inriver Community is your space to connect with industry peers, learn from experts, and collaborate on innovative solutions. Join us in shaping the future of inriver PIM. Why Join?

  • Expert insights: Access valuable insights from industry experts and thought leaders.
  • Networking: Connect with like-minded professionals and expand your network.
  • Solutions sharing: Collaborate on challenges and discover creative solutions.
  • Product updates: Stay informed about the latest inriver platform enhancements.
  • Success stories: Learn from real-world success stories shared by fellow users.
  • Knowledge base: Read documentation and articles about inriver PIM

Together, we amplify our impact. Join the inriver Community today and explore the endless opportunities to connect, learn, and grow with a global network of PIM enthusiasts.

inriver Community

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Learn from industry experts, inriver gurus, our partners but more importantly your peers on best practices in PIM. Be inspired. Network. Have fun along the way.

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