PIM for distributors

There is increasing pressure on distributors to provide a great buying experience. It’s not easy as they are often the middleman – standing between manufacturers and their B2B buyers.

Delivering the best product data to enable a frictionless purchase becomes difficult when critical data is incomplete or inconsistent. It’s easier to click away, than to spend more time looking for the information you need.

As a distributor, your business is highly dependent on the effectiveness of key processes. Inventory management, order fulfillment, vendor management, SKU management, and customer service are part of what keeps business moving in the right direction.

Inriver PIM helps distributors easily:

  • Deliver detailed product portfolio – go beyond basic or standard product content to stand out from the competition
  • Scale product data – syndicate, coordinate, enhance and measure product information easily
  • SKU efficiency – more SKUs in less time
  • Fewer returns – better product data helps meet buyer expectations and reduce returns
  • Speed time-to-market – launch new products faster

Optimize everything – digital shelf analytics turns insight into action in real-time. The role of distribution is essential for omnichannel commerce. However, having the right product information available for customers for each and every SKU and product is the only way distribution can be successful. Optimize sales, drive revenue, and make sure you can deliver product content at scale for each and every channel.

Learn more about how inriver PIM helps distributors drive more revenue.

Why inriver?


Discover the inriver difference. From winning product stories to internal efficiencies, here’s why you should choose inriver.

Customer Spotlight: Carhartt

case study, video

Leading apparel and workwear brand Carhartt needed a new way of working that streamlined their operations and workflows. They turned to inriver.

Are you ready for the Digital Product Passport?


The Digital Product Passport is coming. Learn how PIM software helps achieve SKU-level data transparency for DPP compliance.

inriver Syndicate Plus


Inriver Syndicate Plus automates the distribution of product content to hundreds of retail partners, third-party marketplaces, social commerce channels, and more via template or direct API connection.

The BIG impact of inriver Digital-first PIM


These statistics are based on customer responses for what they have achieved with the inriver PIM solution within their omnichannel commerce strategy.

Inriver for channels and marketplaces


Simplifying e-commerce connections for brands and marketplaces.

Distribute products faster across your omnichannel commerce touchpoints


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Composable concepts for your omnichannel future


Omnichannel commerce breeds complexity. Adopting a headless, cloud-based technology approach based on APIs and microservices delivers the agility you need to succeed.