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How well do you know your customers?

Inside the mind of an online shopper

Based on the responses of 6,000 shoppers across Germany, the UK, and the US, our new report is essential reading for brands looking to beat the uncertainty on the digital shelf and give their potential customers exactly what they want.

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A brand’s guide to digital shelf analytics

Discover how to plan, strategize, lead, and build an effective digital transformation.

PIM for fashion

A PIM solution with digital shelf analytics (DSA) makes streamlining omnichannel processes possible.

PIM for furniture

Why do today’s top home goods and furniture brands need a PIM? It’s all about the product content, syndication, and scale.

PIM buyer’s guide

Choosing the right PIM solution isn’t easy. You need to know your platforms, functionality, features and benefits. Our buyer’s guide helps you make the right call.

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PIM vs PDS: how to distribute product content effectively


Part 4: Want to syndicate your product content? Find out which solution gets your product stories out there.

DAM vs PIM: how to create memorable product stories


Part 3: Want to enrich your product stories at every touchpoint? Find out which solution is right for your digital assets.

10 pieces of product information every product detail page needs


A great product detail page gives users all the information they need to feel confident about their purchase decision. Here are 10 kinds of product information that make your product detail pages work harder.

PIM vs MDM: how to secure a single source of truth


Part 2: Looking for the right “golden record” to power your entire product journey? Explore your options and understand your use cases with the second blog in our series.

Customer spotlight story: Fluidra

case study

Read how Fluidra dove into a centralized pool of data for their global operations thanks to inriver and CTAC.

Plug into PIM, the only solution you need


Want to tune your product information to the demands of the audience? Switch on this product journey to find out how.

PLM vs PIM: how to start your product journey right


Find the right solution for your product data needs, from development to destination.

Building a syndication program


In this guide co-created with Valtech, we follow the newly assembled (and completely fictional tool manufacturer) Natural Tools team as they build a strategy for their syndication program.

How copywriters can embrace PIM


How can product information management (PIM) make copywriters’ jobs easier and more efficient?

How to manage scattered product information


Discover how Livekindly and Cloetta transformed their scattered data into a single source of truth for all their channels.

Choosing a PIM solution: 5 things to consider


Do you know how to evaluate PIM solutions? Or which capabilities you need for your business? Here are five things to consider when selecting the right PIM solution for your business.

Inriver recognized in the Gartner Market Guide for PIM Solutions


Do you know how to evaluate PIM solutions? Or which capabilities you need for your business? Read the Gartner Market Guide for Product Information Management Solutions to find out.

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