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Digital commerce ties it all together for buyers. Understand the who, what, when, why, and how of e-commerce to drive success.

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Retail has changed… A LOT. Find out what you need to know to sell, scale, build, and optimize your brand for more revenue in retail today.

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The manufacturing industry is transforming. Get the tips, tricks, and insights you need to drive success across modern manufacturing organizations.

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There is increasing pressure on distributors to provide a great buying experience. Get insights into increasing the effectiveness of key processes to drive more revenue.

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Get the content our experts have hand-picked to get you started with product information management. We think they’re the perfect start to any successful PIM journey.

4 secrets to launch omnichannel commerce

Newly updated ebook

Omnichannel commerce for brands today means increased complexity of product data, a greater number of engagement channels, new processes, and new digital solutions. But how will you manage it all?

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PIM buyer’s guide

Choosing the right PIM solution isn’t easy. You need to know your platforms, functionality, features and benefits. Our buyer’s guide helps you make the right call.

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Customer spotlight

Hear how Bugaboo partnered with inriver and XSARUS to address their need to improve data quality and eliminate inefficiencies.

Featured case study

CMO’s guide to digital transformation

Discover how to plan, strategize, lead, and build an effective digital transformation.

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Lost revenue calculator

Use our calculator to reveal your lost sales opportunities and how you can turn these into revenue with digital shelf analytics.

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Avoid Customer Disappointment: Getting Omnichannel Retail Right


We know omnichannel commerce is an ever-evolving area of focus for retail brands, but effectively executing on it is easier said than done. We want to help you feel better about your omnichannel efforts so we’ve teamed up with Retail Dive to explore the hot topics that are affecting the industry today.

Top reasons buyers seek sustainability information


Buyers want sustainability information-make it for them to find it.

The BIG impact of inriver Digital-first PIM


These statistics are based on customer responses for what they have achieved with the inriver PIM solution within their omnichannel commerce strategy.

Inriver for channels and marketplaces


Simplifying e-commerce connections for brands and marketplaces.

Create revenue-driving product stories


Find out how you can keep control of your product stories and streamline workflows throughout the customer journey.

Distribute products faster across your omnichannel commerce touchpoints


Learn what you can do to increase the assortment of products, meet changing channel-specific requirements, and keep conversions high on the digital shelf.

Future-proof your omnichannel commerce strategy


Learn more about creating efficiencies needed for omnichannel commerce success.

Composable concepts for your omnichannel future?


Omnichannel commerce breeds complexity. Adopting a headless, cloud-based technology approach based on APIs and microservices delivers the agility you need to succeed.

4 secrets to launch omnichannel commerce


Optimize digital commerce and reach new buyers and sellers with syndication, fast.

Why choose the inriver product information management solution?


A PIM solution is the foundation of your omnichannel commerce strategy.

What is PIM?


A product information management solution is the foundation that paves the way for retailers, brand, and industrial manufacturers to optimize omnichannel commerce today.

Is your omnichannel strategy stalled by a multimedia meltdown?


Images, video, PDFs, and 360 spins all help sell your products but managing product-related assets can be a major headache.

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