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Understand the who, what, when, why, and how of e-commerce to drive success.


Find out what you need to know to sell, scale, build, and optimize your brand for more revenue in retail today.


Learn the tips, tricks, and insights you need to drive success across modern manufacturing organizations.


Get insights into increasing the effectiveness of key processes to drive more revenue.

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A new era of opportunity in manufacturing

Heightened B2B customer expectations.

Sustainability mandates. New markets to tap. Digital enabled profit drivers. Read about the key trends shaping the future of manufacturing so you can benefit from the massive growth in B2B ecommerce that’s just around the corner.

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A brand’s guide to digital shelf analytics

Discover how to plan, strategize, lead, and build an effective digital transformation.

PIM for fashion

A PIM solution with digital shelf analytics (DSA) makes streamlining omnichannel processes possible.

PIM for furniture

Why do today’s top home goods and furniture brands need a PIM? It’s all about the product content, syndication, and scale.

PIM buyer’s guide

Choosing the right PIM solution isn’t easy. You need to know your platforms, functionality, features and benefits. Our buyer’s guide helps you make the right call.

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Customer spotlight story: Prysmian Group

case study, video

Unravelling product data complexity with inriver PIM.

Customer spotlight story: Fluidra

case study, video

How the agility of inriver’s data model became the cornerstone of the multinational manufacturer’s growth.

Digital product passport readiness: 5 questions for your supply chain


New sustainability regulations are fast approaching. Is your supply chain ready for what’s coming?

What is PIM for B2B?


Learn how PIM is the complete software solution for B2B brands and manufacturers looking to transform their product information management.

What is product data syndication (PDS)?


Learn why product data syndication is a must-have for brands, manufacturers, and retailers selling online.

What is PIM?


PIM is the business-critical software solution that transforms your product information management strategy. Find out how.

Customer spotlight video: New Balance

case study, video

Hear New Balance discuss the 3 must-have PIM capabilities for a global apparel company.

The PIM powered by real-time digital shelf insights

video, webinar

Eliminate the guesswork with data-driven insights and take control of your digital shelf to drive revenue growth.

PIM for e-commerce


For brands and manufacturers selling online, the right PIM solution is the foundation for e-commerce success.

What is PXM?


Product experience management (PXM) brings your products to life for every customer on every channel. Find out how.

Securing the future of product data governance


In his latest blog post, inriver CEO Niels Stenfeldt looks at the role of PIM in the future of product data governance.

5 signs it’s time to upgrade your PIM software


PIM software should be a solution, not a challenge. Here are 5 signs you need to upgrade your PIM software.

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