The BIG impact of inriver Digital-first PIM


These statistics are based on customer responses for what they have achieved with the inriver PIM solution within their omnichannel commerce strategy.

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What makes 1600+ brands, world class retailers, brand manufacturers and industrial manufacturers, rely on inriver digital first product information management (PIM)?

Inriver PIM is the industry’s only elastic data model, which increases the agility and flexibility necessary to meet today’s needs and scale for tomorrow. Its closed loop functionality means that one solution gives the data and insights needed to optimize the customer experience (CX) and drive revenue across channels.

Inriver PIM delivers speed, efficiency, and revenue. Find out how directly from inriver customers!

The BIG impact of inriver PIM- customers are able to work faster
The BIG impact of inriver PIM - customers can be more efficient
The BIG impact of inriver PIM- customers were able to increase sales

See our customers’ stories here: Jordan’s Furniture, Hamelin, Coop, Zurn Industries, Prysmian Group, Intersport, Living Spaces

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