Customer spotlight: Intersport Sverige AB

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Read how Intersport Sverige AB uses inriver PIM as a single system to store all product information and ensure better availability for all in- and out-of-season product assortments.

Company Highlights

Intersport Sverige AB opened its doors in 1974 and is one of Sweden’s largest sports retailers with 150 stores. Intersport Sverige AB is part of IIC – Intersport International Corporation, the world’s largest sports chain with more than 5,500 stores in 44 countries. Intersport is found across Europe, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates.

Our objective was to create a simple and intuitive customer experience online and making the products available for purchase both online and in our stores. At the same time, we wanted to inspire our customers, helping them find the right products quickly and easily.

Daniel Anvell, COO, Intersport Sverige AB


With the arrival of e-commerce as a new sales channel, the company needed to quickly get all their product information into the new website, providing detailed product information to shoppers so they could make informed product purchases. While out-of-season products are not found in retail stores, they were absolutely needed in the new website to support shoppers who were traveling or located in different regions.


Intersport implemented the inriver PIM and integrated it with their Episerver Commerce system. The company combined the commerce solution with legacy business systems while maintaining multi-channel capabilities. Having one system to store all product information ensures better availability for all products, both in and out-of-season assortments. The solution also provides a single instance of the most up to date and accurate product information, simplifying product story development for the marketing team.


The integrated systems automate many tasks and eliminates information silos across the organization. Product marketing for the entire company was improved because PIM made products easier to manage and enriched the entire product range and sales results by enabling selling through all channels.

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Originally presented during PIMpoint Digital 2020

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