Customer spotlight story: Hamelin

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Hamelin now delivers information to their customers eight times faster with inriver.

Hamelin is eight times faster with inriver

We are able to deliver information to our customers eight times faster now that we have a PIM.

Laurence Teuma, International Key Account Manager Online

Hamelin, a French manufacturer of school and office supplies, was founded in 1864 by Ernest Hamelin. The company’s first 100 years plus were spent selling record and accounting books before becoming a global manufacturer of school notebooks and supplies.

In addition to notebooks, they produce 22,000 other products in 13 different languages. Employing 2,400 people in 19 different countries, Hamelin has a turnover of over 400 million Euro and strives to become the world market leader in the industry.


When it came to putting the Hamelin products on Amazon, the online retail giant required this information quickly and readily available. Hamelin realized they needed their product information to be clear and consistent for each product, all 22,000 of them in all 13 of the different languages. This challenge prompted them to look for a PIM.


Hamelin worked closely with their partner to address their need for a user-friendly tool that would be scalable, adaptable, and most importantly easy to use. The company felt that a PIM would not only help them improve their Time to Value (TTV) but help them measure the percent of product information they have and what they are still missing. Choosing inriver for their PIM solution was an obvious choice as it met the need of having a clear status of their product information readiness.


Hamelin is now able to invest more time into becoming a global market leader with their products instead of excel sheets trying to match each bit of product information to the correct product in the specified language. Before inriver, Hamelin needed to consult different people to gather all of the pieces of information they required to launch products. Then, they still needed to rework them into unique formats for market places like Amazon. Now, all it takes is a few clicks and that information is at their fingertips. This helps Hamelin transition to a B2B2C company and helps deliver a faster time to value for the business.