Customer Spotlight Story: Coop

The Coop Sverige serves product information with inRiver PIM

Coop Sverige AB offers fast moving consumer goods through retail stores, supermarkets, and hypermarkets. The company operates retail outlets under the Coop Forum, Coop Byggg, Coop Extra, Coop Konsum and Coop Nära names in Sweden. Coop Sverige AB is based in Solna, Sweden. Coop also operates the Daglivs store and the Internet-based, both with the Stockholm region as their market.


With customers starting to connect through digital channels, the company wanted an innovative yet stringent system for handing product information. The company needed to have a consistent and seamless shopping experience throughout all their channels.


The Coop selected a portfolio of offerings to accelerate the development and dissemination of product information throughout their operations. They selected Adobe InDesign for their print catalog offerings, Episerver for their web content management and digital commerce solution, and inRiver for their centralized product information management system. This comprehensive solution portfolio gave the marketing and design teams the tools and capabilities they needed to promote and market their stores and products.


Launched in less than six months, Coop Sverige is now able to make changes in a single location and publish to all channels in fifteen minutes or less. All of the organizations’ product information, images, campaigns, offers are centrally located in the inRiver PIM system.


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Change the product information in one place and have it published in all channels in about 15 minutes.

Jonas Taube, Advertising Manager, Coop Sverige