Customer Spotlight: Matas Group

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Read how Matas Group's PIM journey exemplifies lean efficiency, leveraging value-driven automation and streamlined processes.

Matas Group’s PIM journey exemplifies lean efficiency, leveraging value-driven automation and streamlined processes. The strategic integration of the inriver PIM platform has optimized operations, fostering technological innovation and elevated customer experiences. This lean approach propels Matas Group as a retail leader, gaining market share in Denmark and Sweden.

Matas Group, Denmark’s leading beauty, personal care, and health products retailer, exemplifies the strategic impact of inriver Product Information Management (PIM) for revenue growth and market expansions across various physical and digital customer touchpoints. Founded in 1949, Matas Group was a traditional brick-and-mortar chain but recognized the need for a digital transformation to secure a thriving future.

With the acquisition of Kicks Group, Matas Group now has an extensive Nordic network of almost 500 stores, combined with numerous web shops generating an annual revenue of DKK 7.6 billion.

Matas Group

The journey

Over the last five years, Matas Group initiated a digital transformation to align with evolving consumer preferences. While renovating physical stores to cater to traditional shoppers, the company experienced a significant surge in online sales, constituting nearly 20% of total transactions. This shift highlighted the need for a seamless integration between physical and digital channels, led by the choice of a Product Information Management (PIM) software.

The challenges

During this transformation, Matas encountered several challenges, including:

The solution

To address these challenges and streamline their operations, Matas Group chose the inriver PIM software. The primary objectives were to establish a unified product data source, enhance customer experiences through enriched product data, and expedite time-to-market.

The reasons they chose inriver include:

The implementation

Working with inriver solution partner Vertica, a dedicated digital agency focusing on e-commerce, Matas Group successfully implemented the PIM solution on time and within budget. The integration team at Vertica combined business understanding, user insights, technical development, and project management to deliver a seamless implementation to the Matas stakeholders.

The results achieved with inriver

Matas Group


Matas Group’s journey with inriver showcases a successful blend of technological innovation, market expansion, and enhanced customer experiences. The strategic acquisition of Kicks Group has propelled Matas Group into a leading position in the retail landscape.

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