Solution Partner, Platinum

Vertica is a dedicated e-commerce house. Alongside some of the most ambitious companies in- and around Denmark, they innovate and develop award-winning e-commerce solutions with for both the B2B and B2C industry.


Software portfolio: Optimizely and Best-of-breed Composable Commerce based on MACH architecture
Industries covered: Manufacturing, Retail, Food & Beverage, Distribution, Other (Building)

Vertica has made it their goal to strengthen their customers’ businesses by ensuring that tech and business value go hand in hand. They do so by combining their understanding of business with user insights, skilled technical development, strong project management and their many years of experience with integration to existing IT systems. Furthermore, they focus on an omnichannel approach to guarantee a strong synergy between all of their customers’ different platforms. Vertica’s customers have won the E-commerce Award 14 times because of their innovative and inspiring approaches to e-commerce and their ability to seamlessly combine new technology with aspiring business ambitions.

Vertica has offices in both Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark. Here, they employ strategic consultants and structured project managers along with creative digital designers, skilled UX experts, certified developers and experienced integration consultants.

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