QBank DAM Integration


Enrich your product information processes with a tailored DAM integration to enable streamlined workflows and efficiently add images to products in inriver.

grow your PIM and your brand’s potential with QBank DAM

QBank DAM, a leading supplier in the Nordics, revolutionizes how organizations store, organize, manage, and distribute digital assets. With advanced metadata features you can configure workflows and automatic publishing to fit your specific needs and requirements, turning your product related asset distribution into an automatized machinery.

The integration between inriver PIM and QBank DAM not only guarantees accurate assets in your inriver PIM but also offers multiple use cases that empower your marketing and sales teams to “live your brand” effortlessly.

key benefits of QBank integration for inriver

Control: Seamlessly integrate inriver with QBank to enhance control over your product life cycles. Our extensive statistics provide valuable insights, allowing you to optimize strategically based on relevant data.

Automation: Customizable workflows enable automatic connections between product information and accurate product images. Push digital assets effortlessly between teams and systems, streamlining your entire product lifecycle.

Consistency: Maintain high consumer engagement with consistent content across multiple channels, ensuring cohesive marketing efforts for product campaigns and seasonal branding.

Efficiency: Build an integrated ecosystem that boosts efficiency and shortens your time-to-market. With inriver integrated to QBank, you can automatically push assets to other systems and tools within seconds.

Business Processes: Tailor your DAM solution to fit seamlessly with your business processes. Custom integrations, automation, and workflows turn your DAM and PIM into a well-oiled content machinery, delivering a strong ROI.

QBank system

QBank solution overview

As a centralized hub, QBank provides an intuitive platform that saves time, eliminates manual processes, and ensures all assets are securely stored. Collaborate effortlessly with internal teams and external partners throughout the asset lifecycle.

QBank system

Key features of QBank

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Website: https://www.qbankdam.com/

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