Ntara Accelerated PIM

PIM accelerator

Ntara’s Accelerated PIM process saves your business time and money by launching an expertly-configured PIM solution in just eight weeks.

Faster time to value

Ntara helps organizations do more with their data in a shorter amount of time, with less cost. With 20+ years of experience, Ntara has created proprietary analysis tools and foundational PIM components that significantly expedite PIM projects. In as little as six weeks, organizations can begin enriching their data. Within eight weeks, Ntara can launch functioning PIM solutions that are configured for maximum time savings and data error reduction.

Ntara’s ideal clients are brands, manufacturers, resellers, and distributors who sell business-to-business or direct-to-consumer. They specialize in .NET development—specifically Kentico or Optimizely (formerly Episerver)—and have created an inriver-to-Kentico connector to further accelerate time to value on PIM projects.

With a staff of experienced developers, business consultants, and one of North America’s only inriver champions, Ntara delivers unparalleled PIM strategy and fast, yet extremely high-quality implementations. Top global brands trust Ntara to analyze, implement, and “rescue” PIM jobs that other partners have been unable to complete.

Core functionality

In as few as eight weeks, Ntara will analyze your current data environment and launch a fully-functioning version of inriver’s PIM product. Their accelerated process includes pre-built components that were customized around the distinct needs of brands, manufacturers, and distributors. This, along with Ntara’s experience with typical data challenges and solutions of these industries, means greater value in less time at a lower cost.  

Training is often neglected by solutions partners, but Ntara specializes in creating easy-to-understand training materials. These materials and training are specific to your implementation and ensure that your team will be empowered to do more with your data, beginning the first time they use the software.  

The process 

Ntara’s Accelerated PIM begins onsite with you, in a highly collaborative workshop. The goal: get to know your business and the relationship between your products and items. From there, Ntara will use their proprietary PIM Tools to help analyze your data for completeness and ease of setup, further reducing time and cost. Ntara will deploy prebuilt components with minimal customization to get the model up and running so you can start enriching your data within weeks.

Get started with PIM 

Ntara’s Accelerated PIM is more than a software implementation. It is a strategic engagement that gives your organization access to experienced data consultants who have worked with a range of organizations, from regional distributors to global manufacturers. That means peace of mind for you and faster, more reliable results for your business. 

If you are interested in Ntara’s accelerated PIM, contact connect@ntara.com.