Building a syndication program


In this guide co-created with Valtech, we follow the newly assembled (and completely fictional tool manufacturer) Natural Tools team as they build a strategy for their syndication program.


Syndicating products to market is an ongoing program and it’s possible to build a syndication program specific to your company’s needs and growth plans.

Meet the product information management (PIM) team at Natural Tools* (an entirely fictional tools manufacturer). They are in charge of not only getting products online, but managing, enriching, distributing and measuring them on a daily basis. It’s no easy feat and it’s not a one-time configuration.

We co-created this guide with Valtech to provide an insider’s look on what (and who) it takes to build an efficient syndication program.

Download this guide and learn:

Syndication takes a village and there’s no doubt you already have the starting points you need to build a great program.

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