Aperture Labs Accelerated Implementation Program

PIM accelerator

The Aperture Labs Accelerated Implementation Program is a collection of tools and processes to allow customers to quickly recognize value from their PIM investment.


The approach we take to accelerated implementation is one of flexibility, risk mitigation, and continuous improvement. With this approach, we can begin the work of building the PIM while we still have unknowns around the end product. We have built an internal tool that automates the tedious work involved in configuring a PIM.

Some highlights of an accelerated PIM implementation are:

While our accelerator program is very flexible and can be molded to suit a variety of customer needs there are some criteria that make a client particularly well suited for the accelerator program.

Pre-configured base models and feature add-ons

Virtual Delivery

For us at Aperture Labs, all of our implementations are delivered remotely, with the occasion of having one or two onsite meetings if requested by the client, so we are able to not only continue business as usual, but able to still take on work and new clients with minimal downtime, even with unexpected curveballs.

With the use of cloud-based applications, these are some of the tools we rely on that allow us to effectively collaborate whether in the office or working remotely. Applications such as: