Technology Partner, Digital Asset Management

FotoWare Digital Asset Management provides your business with a central content hub to manage marketing materials, product images, and more. The Inriver integration enables you to connect content with product data and provide an enhanced consumer experience.

Fotoware, an inriver partner

Software portfolio: CMS, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Creative Cloud
Industries covered: Retail & Other ( Law Enforcement, Media & Entertainment, Marketing, Education, Public, & Museums.) Its customers include The financial Times, Volkswagen, The White House Historical Association, & The Economist.

With FotoWare DAM, everyone with access can easily find and share the files they need at anytime from anywhere. Improve efficiency and speed-to-market through advanced workflows and automations, such as image approvals and GDPR consent processes. The FotoWare solution can be integrated with other systems, building a dynamic ecosystem for the organization’s digital assets. With its advanced metadata capabilities, FotoWare can efficiently retrieve data from different systems, driving the value of digital assets.

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