e-Learning Course: Introduction to inRiver PRODUCT MARKETING CLOUD

Course Description
In this course we focus on the basics of designing a Marketing Model in inRiver Product Marketing Cloud. You will learn how to use the fundamental tools and get an understanding of how to build a Marketing Model by using best practice examples. This training is a great foundation for anyone who needs to have an understanding of inRiver Product Marketing Cloud.

No preparations needed, all content and tools will be provided by the e-learning platform.

The course requires a time investment of approximately four hours. As it is divided into modules though, it can easily be divided into chunks.

This course is a mandatory preparation to the Business Consultant and the Developer Certification training. Any participant to these two courses will be automatically assigned to it when signing up for one of these courses.

The course will be managed through our new e-learning platform, to which you automatically will be directed when signing up for our training courses.