iPMC User Training

20 February 2019, Amsterdam (Netherlands) : €350

20-21 February 2019, Chicago (US) : $400

13 March 2019, Malmö (Sweden) : €350




During this one day onsite training, you will get a deeper understanding of the possibilities of iPMC as well as develop your skills working in the user web portal. 
You will be guided through presentations and exercises by an experienced iPMC instructor that will be able to provide answers to most questions that you may bring - whether you are a new user or that you have a lot of experience with the tool.

After signing up, please take a look at the course content as it provides a lot of important information around both logistics and content. 

Cost for training: €350 / $400 (charged via invoice) 

To sign up for the training please press "Sign up" below.

If you haven't created a user account yet, you will be asked to do so. 
Don't hesitate to do it as this will become your go-to spot for all inRiver knowledge transfer activities. 
Once signed up, to begin your preparatory activities please press "Begin or Resume course."

The last date for sign-up is two weeks in advance of the face to face training. 

Cancellations have to be made, at the very latest, two weeks in advance. 
Any cancellations later than 14 days ahead of the start, will be charged.