How We Do It

All PIM solutions are not the same. inRiver PIM enables product marketers and their teams to be successful selling and marketing products. Here’s how we do it.

Putting it together

It’s not magic…but inRiver’s powerful SaaS platform drives time to value in days, not weeks, without heavy lifting from IT. Purpose-built for marketers, the intuitive interface and functionality just makes sense. Scalable, flexible data models let you achieve success quickly, so you can focus on the creative side of product marketing and e-commerce and sell products.

SaaS Architecture

Scalable SaaS architecture means you can start small and have room to grow. inRiver easily adapts to usage spikes, and changing demands to meet the your business requirements without costly upgrades or new hardware.

Simplified connectivity

Open APIs for connecting to and from any third-party system like your CMS, e-commerce engine, PLM system, or ERP application.

Flexible data model

Don’t get tied down with things you don’t need. inRiver provides faster time to value programs where you can get up and running in a shorter time. Building the foundation elements to scale easily to support new geographies and languages without heavy lifting when you need them.

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