Faster Time to Value

An inRiver PIM Accelerator is a rapid implementation delivered exclusively by inRiver’s Partner Community. With access to the world’s largest PIM Community, you can quickly drive value from your PIM investment.

Simplify and Lay the Foundation

Are you a retailer, manufacturer, or in the food & beverage industry? An inRiver PIM Accelerator will stand up your PIM in 90 days or less. Building better product experiences doesn’t have to be rocket science. Choose between various inRiver PIM accelerators across EMEA and the US to fit your needs today.

Industries and Verticals

A scalable and flexible SaaS solution lets you build the foundation with ready-made templates that are industry and vertical specific.

Agile Methodologies

Specialized industry? No problem. inRiver PIM accelerators drive success via agile time to value programs. See the impact that PIM has on your organization in the first few sprints.

Flexible Approaches

Mix it up. Select out of box industry templates and methodologies to get your organization out of “Excel Jail” faster. Deliver value month after month.

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See how inRiver can help you solve your PIM challenges.

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