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inRiver Contribute engages and empowers e-commerce partners to build rich product information and drive customer experiences

Contribute Product OverviewContribute Product OverviewContribute Product Overview

Keeping vital product information that stocks the “digital shelf” refreshed and accurate is a daunting task for any e-commerce professional, merchandiser, or marketer. A constant flow of information coming from different sources must be collected and loaded into a product information management (PIM) system to effectively sell products.

Create a dedicated portal for each vendor or supplier along with custom rules and restrictions what they can see and do. Empower them to upload, manage and enrich their own product content. Information can be manually approved or marked for automatic uploads into inRiver Product Marketing Cloud.

Maximizing faster time-to-market is everyone’s priority in e-commerce. Working together across the ecosystem within a single solution to upload and enrich product information seamlessly helps create an awesome customer experience with a few clicks.

Benefits to Marketing Teams

  • Go to market faster – enable multiple teams and partners to collaborate seamlessly
  • Streamline processes – enrich product information at the source to meet deadlines and production schedules without confusion
  • Build better product stories – engage and delight customers with the best product content.
  • Partner effectively – allow partners to control their own information for the best data and end results.

Benefits to Suppliers and Vendors

  • Simplicity – visually locate the entire batch of product data all in one place
  • Completeness – quickly identify any gaps of missing data from the shelf visually
  • Efficiency – no more headaches to easily get the right information to your business partners or resellers
  • Collaboration – present a comprehensive and stocked digital shelf seamlessly

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