XSARUS Fashion Blocks for PIM

PIM accelerator

Fashion Blocks is a practical approach that enables fashion brands and retailers covering common product data management use cases using best practices and prebuilt add-ons.

Solution Description

Servicing many fashion brands and retailers, both with PIM and e-commerce platforms, XSARUS identified and designed solutions around some common product data management use cases. This accelerator allows companies to mix-and-match best practices and prebuilt add-ons (blocks) to speed up their initial inriver implementation or bring their current environment to a higher level.

Block #1: Flexible ERP and PRICAT data importer
Easily import styles, colors, variants and SKU’s from your fashion-enhanced ERP-system. Keep track of sizes and size-ranges, maintain internal and GTIN barcodes, sample-status and auto-assign to your product taxonomy.

Block #2: Photo studio process workflow
Create photo studio tasks and keep track of them. Add instructions like model shots, combine with or flat shot and add a priority. Let the physical product sample flow open to the corresponding task using barcodes. Batch mutate product status on process completion.

Block #3: Visual Merchandise Style creator
Create and maintain merchandise styles so your staff knows which products should be displayed together. Use the style as an extra dimension to harmonize your PIM-workload and use completeness to batch publish only products that are style-complete.

Block #4: Digital Flagship & Endless-Aisle channels
Create the commercial taxonomy for your digital flagship and endless-aisle channels right in PIM. Batch-publish structure and product data to common platforms like SFCC and Magento.

Block #5: Dynamic Media service
Enhance the inriver asset service with a high performant media service that allows for direct integration in all digital channels. Use presets or dynamic parameters to resize, crop, move, change canvas, etc. Optimize for responsive webpages using focal points and faster loading times using webP and HTTP/2.

Block #6: Fashion data pool integration
Connect inriver to Fashionbase (GS1) and Fashion.cloud using our prebuilt connectors. Publish (as a brand) or consume (as a retailer) data and images from these platforms (currently in development).

Block #7: Channable Marketplaces connector
Create product data feeds based on data directly sourced from inriver. This allows you to sell your products on marketplaces, integrate with social and advertising platforms but also easily create custom data feeds for B2B-customers.

Block #8: Full Bynder DAM integration
Fashion brands that use Bynder as dedicated digital asset management solution and their brand portal functionality benefit from this 2-way integration component. Assets stored in Bynder will get the proper metadata from inriver and products in inriver will be linked to the assets in Bynder.

Mix-and-match our fashion blocks and bring your fashion PIM to the next level!