PIM for manufacturers


Why do today's manufacturing teams need a PIM? It's all about the streamlining products, processes, and time to market.


The shift to digital commerce is here to stay

COVID-19 has cemented a digital-first approach. With digital channels as the go-to for purchases, your product information has now become one of your most strategic assets. Your ability to tell your product’s story in a compelling and engaging way across all your touchpoints is key to driving revenue. 

Your product content needs to do the talking for you 

E-commerce growth has skyrocketed. With more businesses online, your customers have more choice than ever before. The digital-first approach means today’s buying journey is no longer linear and it’s hardly ever single channel. What does this mean for manufacturers? It’s about offering the same engaging brick and mortar experience across all your online channels. Enabling a frictionless buying experience to ensure great customer experiences for buyers (and distributors). A product information management solution (PIM) will help you drastically reduce inefficient manual processes and scale to meet increasing buyer demand.

Discover why PIM for manufacturing matters

Enrich content, syndicate it, and scale with inriver PIM. Download the ebook “PIM for manufacturers” to learn how product information management helps you bridge the revenue gap.

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