Product Information Management for Manufacturers

Why do today’s manufacturing teams need a PIM? It’s all about the product content, syndication, and scale.

The Era of Spreadsheets is Over 

Faxing orders? Printing product catalogs? Scrambling to find the right image or product description to post online? Pasting data into Excel spreadsheets? Yikes. One mistake and you risk buyer trust… or regulatory fines. Thankfully, there’s a better, more efficient way to manage your product information. 

Compelling, Accurate Content Drives Product Sales 

Manufacturers today are looking to drive growth across channels and marketplaces with compelling, consistent, and accurate product information. It’s all about enabling a frictionless buying experience to ensure great customer experiences for buyers (and distributors). A product information management solution (PIM) will help you drastically reduce inefficient manual processes and scale to meet increasing buyer demand.  

Discover Why PIM Matters for Manufacturers

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