Why choose the inriver product information management solution?


A PIM solution is the foundation of your omnichannel commerce strategy.

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what is product information management?

Product information management (PIM) is a software solution that solves the challenges of modern omnichannel commerce by streamlining people, process, and the technologies that drive revenue.

It’s the way retailers, brands, and industrial manufacturers optimize multi-channel commerce today.

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the value of a product information management solution

  • PIM is the foundational solution that gives you the tools and insights to win on and off the digital shelf.
  • PIM connects to your critical systems (ERP, CRM, e-commerce, and more) – eliminating silos and disjointed data and reporting.
  • PIM is a dynamic and flexible solution that keeps pace with changing market conditions.
  • PIM guides users to take next best actions from real- time digital shelf analytics to optimize CX and buyer engagement.
  • PIM automates manual tasks – saving time and resources.
  • PIM enables scale across channels, geographies and platforms – improving time to market.

why inriver Digital-first PIM?

Inriver PIM is the industry’s only digital-first product information management (PIM) solution. This solution empowers organizations to deliver revenue-driving product information at every customer touchpoint and selling more effectively online.

How? Product content has become the digital front door to your organization. And the opportunities to reach buyers across any channel and in any geography have never been better. However, with omnichannel opportunities comes challenges. When product content is not managed properly, it becomes an Achilles heel instead of a strategic asset.

Buyer expectations are high and omnichannel commerce means each and every customer touchpoint is an opportunity to gain market share, to deliver an exceptional customer experience, and to drive revenue.

Inriver’s maintained its position among the leaders because of its ability to help merchants face the evolving challenges of commerce today, including channel explosion, lofty customer expectations, and fierce competition

Jordan Jewell, research director, digital commerce, IDC

what we do

Inriver’s digital-first product information management (PIM) enables companies to bring to life compelling product stories for high engagement purchases. Also get actionable guidance on what influences buying decisions, and make changes to optimize results. Speed matters in commerce today. You can’t afford to miss a single opportunity.

collect data

Provide one place for all your product data

enhance data

Enrich your data, connect and attract


Get your data to the right channels


Gain insights on where your data is and how it’s doing

why inriver

The ecosystem. Commerce is always in flux. Needs, technology, customers, and partners are always evolving. To stay ahead of the curve, brands need a PIM solution that is future-proof, built to work with the technologies that run just about everything from Salesforce Commerce B2B to SAP Commerce Cloud to Microsoft and more. The ecosystem you connect to is critical and only inriver is available on the ones that matter.

The inriver community is a thriving network of 8,000+ users that influence and guide product development and use cases. They are your community.

This next generation of PIM gives business owners the ability to not only manage content, but to maximize product revenue.

Want to see inriver Digital-first PIM in action? Contact us to for more information or to arrange a demo.