Why Marketers Need a Product Information Management (PIM) Solution

We asked Chris Risner of BlueBolt Solutions to review the recent trends and statistics underpinning PIM deployments. If you like trends and numbers, this is the webinar for you.

In this webinar, Chris Risner of BlueBolt Solutions reviews recent trends and statistics that illustrate why many firms are considering product information management solutions.

David Sultan, Sales Engineer for PIM software company inRiver, discusses the inRiver product information management (PIM) solution in detail—what a PIM does, how it works, and who benefits from deploying one. David walks webinar attendees through a brief demo of the inRiver solution to explain:

  • How a PIM solution integrates with marketing systems and functions
  • How a PIM can generate increased revenue through improved conversions, higher revenue per order, and better customer experience
  • How a PIM addresses operational inefficiencies, disparate product information, and inconsistent product messaging
inRiver David Sultan Bluebolt Chris Risner
David Sultan, Sales Engineer
Chris Risner, Chief Strategy Officer
BluBolt Solutions