Sell More, Faster, by Localizing Your Global Product Information

In this webinar you will learn how to manage the translation and localization of your global product information for local markets, ensuring a faster time-to-market as well as an increased brand loyalty and awareness.

Reach your global audience in Micro-Moments

With Joakim Landgård, E-Commerce Manager of Skistar, the leading Nordic alpine skiing company, Matz Söderberg, WW Channel Manager of Lionbridge, and Rasmus Carlsson, Solution Architect of inRiver speaking, you can listen to how Skistar was able to cut translation cost by 2/3 (a cost saving of £34811.10) by automating their outdated processes.

The ever-increasing transparency of online shopping and procurement has put more power in the hands of buyers than ever, for consumers and procurement professionals alike. Customer journeys have become extremely fragmented and less foreseeable, and the omnipresence of mobile devices is tough on brand loyalty as buyers are willing to switch vendors as long as they have trustworthy information about the products they’re about to purchase.

Google coined the phrase Micro-Moments to describe that “intent-rich moment when a person turns to a device to act on a need – to know, go, do, or buy.” Time spans for buying decisions have in many cases been reduced from months and weeks to mere minutes and seconds.

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The challenge – as well as a much needed solution – is to know what product information your customers want and serve it to them at the exact moment they need it. This can be challenging enough when dealing with only one language for your product information, but add 27 languages in 42 markets and you really need to be on top of your data or see your sales figures plummet as customers no longer trust brands that are misaligned and inconsistent in their communication. They expect you to know what you’re talking about, they expect it now, and they want to hear about it in their local language.

Challenges with multi-lingual content:

  • Time-consuming content creation process
  • Inconsistent product information
  • Expensive to manage
  • Resource-intensive manual work

inRiver and Lionbridge have developed a joint solution for global enterprises to streamline their management of multi-lingual product information. The inRiver Product Marketing Cloud connects with Lionbridge Freeway to enable full automation of the translation and localization process, ensuring a consistent message across all channels, in all languages, on every market. This webinar highlights some key benefits of integrating the translation process into your PIM system, explaining how to set up an automated workflow, building on best-practice solutions for handling your localized product information.