Steps to Leveraging Your Product Portfolio for a Better Customer Experience

In today’s digital world, the customer is king. Businesses no longer can dictate the buying process to either retail shoppers or business buyers.

Digital natives prefer to shop online and are now a majority of buyers in both retail and B2B markets. While in-store, shoppers frequently consult smartphones and tablets to assist in their individualized buying process.

This transformation in how buyers make purchasing decisions creates new challenges for retailers and B2B vendors.

In this webinar, inRiver, Rightpoint, and Episerver join in for a discussion about how retailers, manufacturers, and distributors can begin to address content, personalization, and omni-channel commerce challenges. We will take you through a step-by-step process, complete with critical success factors and real-world customer examples for:

  • Establishing your vision
  • Aligning your customer experience
  • Managing your product catalog
  • Authoring a personalized customer experience

Watch the webinar