Best Practices – Shape Your Product Content for the Age of the Customer

In the age of the customer and digital commerce, consumers demand product information that is available, consistent, and accurate. It needs to be present in more touchpoints and provide more details than before, at the right time, accessible from any device.

This presents a considerable obstacle for retailers, who can be presenting disparate, confusing or even incorrect product information to customers across any of their many channels.

In this webinar, InternetRetailing and inRiver will show you:

  • The strategies employed by some of the leading retailers in achieving efficient Product Information Management
  • Some of the best practices when it comes to creating and managing great product information, contributing to a better customer experience all around
  • How some of the best known brands use the “Product Marketing Cloud” to provide engaging and consistent product stories than improve conversion

The challenge of distributing product information across the organisation makes it difficult to complete content in a timely fashion and hold the relevant stakeholders accountable. We’ll show you how having a reliable, accurate, central repository of product information guarantees that your channels and customers have the correct and applicable product information.

Watch the webinar