5 Things Every B2B Organization Needs to Know About Product Information Management (PIM)

Like to get in the B2B e-commerce marketplace to boost revenue, reduce cost, streamline your organization and smash silos? You’ll be in the right place with our webinar.

With the B2B market place growing 7 time faster than the overall economy and expected to reach £0.84 trillion by 2020, C2 and inRiver join forces to present 5 ways every B2B organization can take advantage of breaking into the eCommerce space.

View this Webinar On-Demand to see how, in this online buying era, you can:

  • Boost Revenue
  • Reduce Cost
  • Streamline Organizational Structure & Break Down Information Silos
  • Improve Data Quality, Standardization, and Control
  • Preserve Your Brand Value

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