The power of micro-moments


April 30, 2019

Find out what you need to deliver the right content to engage buyers during micro-moments

Micro-moments describe the power of intent-driven moments of decision-making that occur throughout the customer journey. These micro-moments are experienced 150 times a day by consumers and present new challenges and opportunities for e-commerce marketers both in B2B and B2C.

Today’s marketers are finding that targeting individuals moving across devices, channels, and contexts isn’t easy. In addition, it is very different than targeting large customer groups based on demographics. According to Google’s research, marketers that are trying to reach their audiences based on demographics alone risk missing more than 70% of potential mobile customers.

Successful marketers need to figure out how to provide customers with relevant content in the micro-moment when they are seeking information. It’s clear that marketing via demographics alone just won’t cut it anymore.

Marketing and e-commerce teams must deliver anywhere, anytime content to engage buyers.

When looking for a solution to a problem, customers seek information online to help. Whether looking for manufacturing companies to supply industrial parts or the right source for new furniture, buyers turn to their devices for answers. In-store or online, buyers are using more than one device during their buying journey. B2B buyers tend to start their journey in front of a desktop or laptop computer, while B2C consumers use voice commerce or mobile devices.

Regardless of where the journey begins, buyers frequently move across devices and channels before a purchase is made.

Although the size of the screen on a smartphone inhibits the rendering of the same rich product experience that can be experienced on a laptop or a TV screen, smartphones have the advantage of being able to serve up content anywhere, anytime. This means that marketers need to consider where customers are in their buying journey, where they are physically located, and what device they are using when delivering content in real-time.

Today’s content requirements

Targeting each buyer in their unique micro-moment, with the right content, adds new requirements:

These requirements present challenges for marketers and their teams. Speed is often an enemy of quality, and when we have less and less time to create content, quality can suffer. Poor quality content means a poor customer experience, and that impacts conversions and revenue.

The solution is to power the content delivery process with a product information management (PIM) solution. Capitalize on the micro-moments that drive engagement by providing the right product content needed to be the right answer. A PIM solution should be the foundation of your content delivery process to ensure you don’t miss those opportunities and micro-moments with buyers.


Erika Goldwater, CIPP

Director of Global Communications

Erika Goldwater is the director of global communications for inriver. An industry veteran, Erika lives and breathes B2B marketing, content, public relations, and data privacy. She’s a Boston marketer who hails from Baltimore.

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