How to Stay Ahead and Sell More in Today’s Digital World

Listen in to learn how to reach new markets, drive more revenue, and beat your competitors with syndication.

If we learn anything from the challenges of 2020, it’s the growing need to optimize digital commerce – perhaps even faster than you anticipated.

But how do you quickly get your product content to all the online retailers, marketplaces, distributors, wholesalers, or even data pools? The answer is syndication.

View this 20-minute webinar, where inRiver’s Thomas Sjöberg and Lisa Quinn will explain the basics of syndication and reveal:

  • How it can help you scale to reach new markets and drive more revenue

  • How to quickly share your product content across new channels

  • Why it is a must-have for meeting ever-changing channel requirements

  • Insights from real-life user scenarios

Featured Speakers:

Thomas Sjöberg, Creative Director at inRiver

Thomas Sjöberg
Creative Director at inRiver


Lisa Quinn
Director, Global Product Marketing at inRiver

Watch the webinar:

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