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Build winning and cost-effective multi-channel product experiences for your complete product lifecycle with the combined power of SAP Commerce Cloud and inriver PIM in a pre-integrated solution that's ready to deploy.

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At a glance

High quality product information is essential to all parts of your operations, going way beyond the needs of your eCommerce platforms. The range and complexity of use cases is increasing all the time, including a growing need to track sustainability within your product supply chain.

Elevate the value of SAP Commerce to your organization by adding the power of inriver’s flexible, scalable PIM. Unlock the full range of product information management features across all digital channels and all parts of your product journey. The inriver SAP Commerce Cloud adapter enables you to rapidly start synchronizing data between inriver PIM and your SAP environment, with less costs and time-consuming implementation or maintenance.

Enjoy a seamless and collaborative approach to enhancing and sharing product content with external and internal stakeholders based on a flexible and extensible data model that is primed to handle your essential information. Ensure a consistent flow of quality data to all channels, marketplaces, print media and your own digital storefronts as well as syndication to distributors and partners, after-sales teams and installation engineers.

Overcoming today’s challenges

To reach today’s buyers, your products must be available on all digital channels, with a wealth of product information to support their purchasing decisions. Increasingly, this includes detailed, traceable information on the environmental footprint of every component used.

Enriching your product information and syndicating it to digital storefronts, partner portals, online marketplaces and more requires a fully featured product information management PIM solution. Once the sale is made, that same product information must also be shared with many other internal and external stakeholders, from legal and compliance to the teams performing installation, after-sales and support, and even decommissioning and disposal at the end of a product’s working life.

Choosing a PIM that can handle the full range of your data and work seamlessly with third party systems, including the eCommerce solution behind your own storefronts, will avoid the cost and time involved in developing and maintaining custom integrations.

SAP Commerce Cloud is a proven enterprise commerce solution. Organizations can customize it to meet the needs of their advanced B2B, B2C, and B2B2C use cases, creating hyper- personalized product experiences.

Inriver is a secure and scalable multitenant SaaS PIM. In addition to collaborative, centralized PIM functionality, it offers advanced capabilities around syndication, media management and digital shelf analytics. This winning combination helps organizations and brands create world-class omnichannel product experiences that are contextual and relevant, while maintaining a consistent and traceable flow of product information throughout their product journey.

Inriver PIM can also be deployed as a standalone solution where required.

Adapter overview

With the SAP Commerce Cloud adapter, it’s easy to synchronize your enriched and accurate product information from inriver into your SAP Commerce Cloud environment.

Work collaboratively across your organization in the visual and engaging inriver environment to create and manage product stories. Absorb data from all necessary sources including SAP ERP environments. Add the digital assets and detail required across your omnichannel experiences.

Now watch as your data synchronizes effortlessly with your SAP environment via the SAP Integrations API. You remain in control of what data gets synced and when. There’s no custom integration to develop and maintain. With inriver as the source of truth for all your product information, you’re also able to automatically share it with internal systems, including the SAP Customer Experience portfolio, using the inriver Integration Framework (IIF) and to syndicate it externally according to your business needs.

How it works

SAP commerce adapter

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