Sana Commerce Cloud inriver PIM Adapter


The inriver PIM to Sana Commerce Adapter enriches real-time ERP product information to display up-to-date product data on your webstore.

Solution description 

The inriver PIM Adapter for Sana Commerce Cloud gives web store owners great options to get all their product information always up-to-date and complete, visible in their stores, and their export channels.

Whenever product information is uploaded or updated in inriver it will automatically be synchronized to your Sana Commerce webshop. Because inriver and Sana Commerce are both based on your ERP system, the three tools work in perfect harmony together.

While you use the ERP as a single source of truth for transactional product data, e.g. product prices and stock levels, you use inriver as the single source of truth for all product enrichments, like product titles, descriptions, images, attachments, and related products for cross- and up-sell. The product data out of the ERP will be enriched by product information out of inriver and will be shown always complete and up-to-date in Sana Commerce’ storefront, as well as in product feed exports.

Solution version and inriver version(s) supported

Sana Commerce Cloud integrates with inriver PIM (SaaS version). The supported inriver version is N-3 together with inRiver.Remoting.iPMC, and above.


The PIM Adapter for Sana Commerce Cloud is available in Sana Apps environment.

Contact info

Contact your Sana project manager or customer success manager.

Ruben Mink (Global Sales Director) –
Frank de Roon (Product Manager ISV Add-ons) –