Salesforce Lightning B2B Commerce Adapter

Offer a modern and coherent B2B user experience across all your channels with inRiver and Salesforce compelling B2B customer experience
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At a Glance

Empower your sales team to sell faster and focus on what’s important.
The Salesforce Lightning B2B Commerce Adapter blends the best of both worlds. Effortlessly integrating inRiver’s flexibility when customizing and optimizing your product offering, with the Salesforce optimized user interface framework – Salesforce Lightning.

Overcoming Today’s Challenges

Online customers have more choice than ever. Often buyers will browse multiple sites simultaneously. Attracting and retaining the attention of your customers is paramount. B2B organizations need to provide a unique customer experience across every catalog, marketplace and touchpoint. Having accurate and compelling product content can set you apart from
your competitors. Yet, successfully connecting that product content to your B2B Commerce solution requires seamless integration across core technologies. It’s no problem when you combine Salesforce and inRiver.

Being part of the Salesforce Platform, Salesforce Lightning B2B Commerce provides you with a collection of tools to build next- generation enterprise applications – lightning fast! It empowers B2B companies to deliver compelling customer experiences across all sales channels. From search to fulfillment to customer service, the cloud- based platform lets you manage all your business from one place. inRiver is a multitenant SaaS Product Information Management (PIM) solution that helps organizations create world-class product experiences that are contextual
and relevant, enabling a scalable, frictionless path to purchase.

Adapter Overview

The Salesforce Lightning B2B Commerce Adapter is built using inRiver’s Integration Framework. It lets you share your enriched and perfected marketing information from inRiver into your Salesforce Lightning B2B Commerce environment.

Create your product stories in inRiver. You then have the choice when to supply product catalog data, with product content directly into Salesforce Lightning B2B Commerce. Pick either scheduled or on-demand execution to suit your needs. Delight your customers with a beautiful and engaging user experience across all your channels.

How it Works

See how the inRiver for Salesforce Lightning B2B Commerce Adapter works