Salesforce B2B Commerce Adapter


Take advantage of inriver’s flexibility when customizing and optimizing your product offering with the Salesforce B2B Commerce Adapter.

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At a glance

Take advantage of inriver’s flexibility when customizing and optimizing your product offering, while seamlessly deploying it to your Salesforce Commerce solution. Drive increased engagement, loyalty and conversion across all your channels with the Salesforce B2B Commerce Adapter.

Overcoming today’s challenges

B2B organizations need to deliver stellar customer experiences across every catalog, marketplace and touchpoint. Experts agree that accurate engaging product content is a key driver in achieving that. Successfully connecting that product content to your B2B Commerce solution requires seamless integration across core technologies. And that’s where Salesforce Commerce and inriver come into play.

Salesforce B2B Commerce empowers organizations to craft compelling customer experiences across all sales channels: digital and physical. From search to fulfillment to customer service, the cloud- based platform lets you manage all your business from one place. Grow your bottom line by delighting your customers at every interaction. Inriver is a multitenant SaaS product information management (PIM) solution that helps organizations create world-class product experiences that are contextual and relevant, enabling a scalable, frictionless path to purchase.

Adapter overview

With the Salesforce B2B Commerce Adapter, it’s simple to deploy your enriched and accurate product content from inriver into your Salesforce e-commerce environment.

Create your product stories in inriver. Then schedule when you want the Salesforce B2B Commerce Adapter to automatically supply product catalog data, with product content and categories directly into Salesforce B2B Commerce. Sit back, knowing the latest, accurate product content can be used consistently across all your channels.

How it works

How it works: inriver for Salesforce Commerce B2B Adapter

With inriver for Salesforce B2B Commerce, our customers will be able to quickly implement PIM solutions to quickly go to market with an end-to-end commerce solution.

Mike Micucci, CEO, Salesforce Commerce B2B

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