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Watch Salesforce’s interview with Johan Boström, CPO at inriver, about how these two technologies help customers excel in digital commerce.

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In this episode of AppExchange Mavericks, Salesforce MVP Jarrod Kingston interviewed Johan Boström, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at inriver, to learn about inriver, its partnership with Salesforce, its customer success, and upcoming e-commerce trends.

Interview with Johan Boström, co-founder and CPO at inriver

with Salesforce MVP Jarrod Kingston

what’s in this video:

0:00 Introduction
0:21 What is inriver?
0:53 What makes inriver and Salesforce a good match?
1:20 inriver Product Demo
3:15 What makes inriver unique?
3:50 Where can customers find the most value?
4:27 What are some trends in e-commerce?

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