PIMtalk Episode 1: What is PIM?

What is PIM exactly? In this first episode of PIMtalk, inRiver host Thomas Sjöberg talks to his mom and fellow inRiverians to learn more about PIM.

Episode 1’s guests include Daniel Nackovski, Fedde van Feggelen, Marta Tripp, Filip Lindwall, and Danny Langlois.

We’re always looking for new guests and topics! If you would like to recommend a featured guest or topic on the PIMtalk podcast, don’t hesitate to email us at PIMtalk@inriver.com. Want more of PIMtalk? Visit pimtalk.com to tune into more episodes.

Thomas Sjöberg: You’re listening to PIMtalk, the product marketing podcast brought to you by inRiver.


Thomas: Welcome to this first episode of PIMtalk, the podcast for product marketers, merchandisers, and PIM professionals. Every second week, we want to gather and share knowledge, experiences, and challenges together to be able to create better product stories and product experiences for our customers. This is something we want to do for you and together with you. If you have any ideas of topics or guests, you can always contact us at PIMtalk@inriver.com or send a message on Twitter @PIMtalkPodcast.

In this first episode–

[phone ringing]

Thomas: Sorry. One moment. I’m just going to answer this. [foreign language]

Speaker 1: [foreign language]

Thomas: Hey, mama. [foreign language]

Speaker 1: [foreign language]

Thomas: Hello, mom. Well, I’m sitting here recording a podcast actually at work. I put you on there now because you never know, it can be good content. How are you?

Speaker 1: I’m fine, thank you. How are you?

Thomas: I’m great. I’ve got this new project at work. We call it PIMtalk. We’re going to talk about PIM here in many different ways.

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