PIMpoint Digital 2021 – the top 3 sessions for manufacturing & B2B


August 25, 2021

The challenges for manufacturing industry are unique. Hear from your peers driving results.

Join us at PIMpoint Digital this October! The three-day event is digital-only and includes keynote sessions and panel discussions with customers, partners, industry thought leaders, and inriver experts. We have several tracks, so you can focus on the sessions and information that are most relevant to you. For those interested in manufacturing and B2B, we have sessions focused on the big trends in digital commerce and product information management​, plus case studies and opportunities to learn from your peers. 

We’re also offering some new options this year just to add a little excitement. This includes demos in English and German​, a session on digital shelf analytics (inriver Evaluate)​, and plenty of interactive and social elements available on our event platform. While PIMpoint is digital again this year, there are many new opportunities to connect with your peers, our partners, and the inriver team. 

Save your spot at our event and on your calendar today. Meanwhile, check out the sessions we have lined up particularly to meet the needs and interests of our manufacturing-focused and B2B community. 

1. Using PIM to solve the problems of today and tomorrow 

Hyster-Yale Group is a global manufacturer, designing, engineering, manufacturing, selling, and servicing lift trucks and aftermarket parts. Almost half of all their truck orders are custom, which means that the manufacturer has unique challenges when it comes to product information management (PIM).

Join this session to learn how the company is using a PIM solution as the centerpiece of their ecommerce strategy, and how it helped them prepare for serialized fitment, enabling their customers to find the right parts more easily. Andy Didyk, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Ntara, will discuss how Hyster-Yale is addressing the impending global technical shortage by using augmented reality (AR) technology to empower technicians worldwide with Kellie Casey, Manager of Aftermarket Communications and Ecommerce at Hyster-Yale. 

2. Using PIM and self-service to accelerate online revenue

Whether you are selling online through retailers and marketplaces, your own e-commerce storefront, or a combination of all three, being able to deliver rich, accurate product experiences is an essential first step to being successful when selling online.

Join this session with Nick Schulte, Executive Vice President of Technical Services at Shift7 Digital. Nick will be joined by Hunter Douglas, a leading manufacturer of window treatments and blinds, to discuss how PIM forms the foundation of their digital commerce strategy and powers valuable self-service experiences and online revenue growth.

3. PIM for manufacturers – the gateway to becoming digital 

Join us for this session with Simon Aisen, Partner at Immeo, and Sivert Bertelsen, Principal at Immeo, who will be sharing short case study clips from Alfa Laval, Logstor, Oticon, and Vestas​. Getting inspired from others in manufacturing and B2B is just one reason to attend this one. Product information management is increasingly important in an industrial context, and successfully implementing a product information management solution requires you to spend the time to scale product information intelligently and localize it for regional applications and usage scenarios.

During this session, you’ll get inspiration and actionable takeaways from global manufacturers and industry leaders as we dive into their business strategy and PIM operations with insight from Immeo.

Sneak peek: Want to know what Perficient and customer, WernerCo Worldwide will cover? More details coming soon​ about this session but it’s all about how WernerCo achieved improved self-sufficiency and scalability, a better brand experience for buyers, and better alignment with channel partners with PIM. You won’t want to miss it.

Ready to get inspired?

Whether you’re looking for new ideas as you navigate manufacturing and B2B commerce, thinking about moving to a robust PIM solution, or ready to investigate how AR and artificial intelligence can help you compete in an increasingly global marketplace, PIMpoint Digital offers the expertise and ideas this October. The event is free of charge, just another great reason to join us! 

Registration is now closed, check out PIMpoint digital for more information.

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