PIM for Tool and Equipment Manufacturers

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Discover how Hyster-Yale Group worked with Ntara to put the inriver PIM solution at the center of the company's digital ecosystem.

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Is your product data in order? Or is it all over the place, holding you back from completing critical digital transformation projects?

Hyster-Yale Group had over 50 years of parts data in multiple, disparate sources, managed by generations of different processes. This wasn’t only hindering their e-commerce growth; it was the lynchpin for dozens of digital transformation projects they had in the queue. They desperately needed a solution to create a centralized source of truth for all their product data.

In this webinar, discover how Hyster-Yale Group, with the help of Ntara, put product data and the inriver PIM solution at the center of the company’s digital ecosystem.

Stephen Peckous from Hyster-Yale Group, Jeff Bridges from Ntara and Kevin Walsh from inriver discuss:


  • Stephen Peckous

    Product Information Manager at Hyster-Yale Group

  • Jeff Bridges

    VP of Client & Partner Development at Ntara

  • Kevin Walsh

    Senior Sales Engineer at inriver

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    PIM for Tool and Equipment Manufacturers

    featuring Hyster-Yale, Ntara, and inriver

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