PIM for fashion


Are you ready to embrace the limitless possibilities of digital commerce and turn your product information into a strategic asset?


It’s a new day for fashion brands and retailers

The shopping experience has changed and it’s going to keep evolving. Options to purchase fashion and apparel are endless. Browsing the racks today really means experiencing a brand across channels whether in-store, online, via social, or even live commerce. You name it.

Omnichannel commerce is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a must-have to reach your buyers. How can you make it happen?

Deliver an engaging online shopping experience

How do you bring your products to life online? For consumers who can’t touch, feel or try on apparel, product information is key to grabbing and holding their attention. And, it’s essential for building buyer trust so they click that buy button.

Written product descriptions, unboxing videos, 3D images, customer reviews, even immersive technology such as AR/VR or try-on apps deliver a modern shopping experience. You need a product information management (PIM) solution to help make that happen at scale.

Discover why a digital-first PIM solution matters for fashion

A PIM solution with digital shelf analytics (DSA) makes streamlining omnichannel processes possible. It helps create the best product experience on a global scale, optimizing content, and eliminating things like stock-outs or missing data before they impact sales. Increased selling days and faster time-to-market deliver bigger market share and real revenue.

Embrace the limitless possibilities of your omnichannel commerce strategy. Turn product information into strategic assets that drive conversions. Download the ebook now to get started.

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