PIM for Fashion

It’s a new era for fashion brands and retailers

COVID-19 has changed our shopping experience. Instead of browsing the racks in a brick-and-mortar store, fashion and apparel brands need to recreate that experience across all their online channels.

With the global pandemic accelerating e-commerce adoption and more consumers buying fashion online for the first time, omnichannel commerce is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a must-have!

Bring your customers a new, more engaging online shopping experience

How do you bring your products to life online? For consumers who can’t touch, feel or try on apparel, product information is that key to grabbing and holding their attention.

It could be an engaging copy, eye-catching visuals, customer reviews, even immersive technology such as AR/VR or try-on apps. Adding sustainability practices is another way to stand out and drive growth.

Discover why a PIM solution matters for fashion

A product information management (PIM) solution makes digitizing your operational processes simpler than ever! It also enables you to create the best product experience on a global scale, across every channel, quickly.

Are you ready to embrace the limitless possibilities of digital commerce and turn your product information into a strategic asset. Why wait? Download the eBook now to get started.

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