PIM for after-sales

How thinking beyond the initial sale can unlock lucrative new revenue streams

Learn why only the inriver PIM solution can secure the robust data governance needed to power effective after-sales strategies.

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Without an effective after-sales strategy, businesses could be leaving money on the table

With successful post-purchase programs and services able to grow a business’s total revenue by up to 50%, it’s clear that brands and manufacturers can’t afford to let after-sales be an afterthought.

From warranties and service centers to cross-sell marketing and on-site maintenance, the possibilities for effective after-sales are endless. However, without the right strategy in place, tapping into these lucrative new revenue streams can be challenging.

What does after-sales mean for you?  

With after-sales an increasingly lucrative growth area for brands and manufacturers alike, it’s essential to have foundational software in place that’s ready to power an effective after-sales strategy — or risk leaving money on the table.

With this ebook, you’ll learn: 

  • How after-sales is extending the customer lifetime value
  • What after-sales strategies are the most effective for your industry and market
  • Where you can extract even more post-purchase value through robust data governance
  • Why so many leading brands and manufacturers are using the inriver PIM platform to tap into lucrative after-sales revenue streams
G2 names inriver an Enterprise Leader, Winter 2024
G2 names inriver a Mid-Market Americas Leader, Winter 2024
G2 names inriver a Mid-Market Leader, Winter 2024

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